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NDCPD is North Dakota’s University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD). There are over 67 UCEDDs in the US. Staff at NDCPD provide training, technical assistance, service, research and information to people with disabilities, their family members, community agencies and state agencies. At NDCPD, it is our mission to “provide service, education, and research which empowers communities to welcome, value, and support the well-being and quality of life for people of all ages and abilities.”


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In 2016, NDCPD faculty and staff conducted a comprehensive needs assessment with individuals, constituents and agencies across North Dakota regarding the needs of individuals with disabilities.


Four goals were identified from that needs assessment which focus on the topics of Employment, Aging, Education & Early Intervention and Health.


During the years of 2017 through 2022, faculty and staff at NDCPD will work towards achieving those goals via various activities and initiatives.

Goal 1 - Employment: ND citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities will have access to information, experiences, and supports that allows them to be successful in the general workforce.


Goal 2 - Aging: ND citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities will experience highest levels of quality of life and self-direction as part of healthy aging.

Goal 3 - Educational and Early Childhood: ND children and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities will have quality educational and early childhood services and systems.


Goal 4 - Health: ND citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities will have improved quality and access to health services, systems, and information.

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NDCPD has a new Executive Director!

We are excited to announce that, effective 1-1-2021, Dr. Lori Garnes has been hired to serve as the Executive Director of North Dakota’s Center for Persons with Disabilities (NDCPD). Lori has been with NDCPD since 2011 serving as the Center's Associate Director for Grant Development.



NDCPD has a new Associate Director!

Ms. Hilory Liccini has been appointed as NDCPD's new Associate Director effective 2-1-2021. Hilory has been with NDCPD since 2010 serving as a Research Associate and most recently the Assistant Director.



NDCPD has a new Assistant Director!

Ms. Amy Armstrong has been appointed as NDCPD's new Assistant Director effective 3/1/2021. Amy has been with NDCPD since 2003 serving in several different capacities.



Please help us welcome Lori, Hilory & Amy in their new positions!




NDCPD turns 30!

NDCPD began operations in October 1990 and we're in our 30th year of operations.  CLICK HERE to find out more!






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