ND citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities will have improved quality and access to health services, systems and information. People with I/DD in ND need to self-advocate for health care equity within their communities and within the health care systems. In order for this to be successful, the medical community needs to feel confident in providing quality health care services to individuals with I/DD. Health care providers and pre-professionals need training not only on health and disability issues but also on topics related to self-determination of people of I/DD. NDCPD’s work is connected to the CDC Healthy People 2020 national goal to “Promote the health and well-being of people with disabilities.” Under this goal, the CDC has objectives to ensure that people with disabilities will a) be included in public health activities; b) receive timely interventions and services; c) interact with barrier free environments; and d) participate in everyday life activities. ND needs concerted efforts to improve systems and services that will positively affect the health outcomes of citizens with disabilities.