Foster Care

Asset Map,

Summer 2020

Foster Care Asset Map, Summer 2020

Asset mapping is a process that helps to identity strengths, asset, resources, and    abilities within ourselves and in our community. Asset mapping is a tool that is used within the Asset Based Community Development model. It shifts our thinking to a strengths perspective instead of a needs or problems perspective.


Link to Foster Care Asset Map, Summer 2020 Tableau website:

The purpose of this project is to:

1. Identify resources and assets for transition age foster care youth (with or without


2. Create a resource guide for foster youth and foster parents.

3. Establish and maintain partnerships with local organizations.

4. Strengthen advocacy efforts for foster youth.

5. Survey community resources for future grant activities.


This is a community collaboration with community members and professionals from Minot and is open for community members to join. This foster care asset map has the capacity to grow into a well-rounded resource for our community. Please reach out for more information about our sustainability efforts/asset-mapping efforts or to get involved with our project.


For this asset map, we used the data visualization software Tableau Public so it can be interactive and accessible online. The map is linked to a Google spreadsheet and will be updated every 24 hours. As new resources are added, they will become available on the map.


A full list of resources with more details can be found in this Google spreadsheet.



Ms. Kayla Beck, MSW Intern, NDCPD

Ms. Angela Shaw, Early Interventionist, NDCPD

Ms. Allison Schmill, Foster Care Supervisor, Ward County Human Service Zone

Ms. Tanya Hennix, Chafee Transition Coordinator/Supervised Living Coordinator, PATH



Dr. Lori Garnes

Ms. Jolene Haffner

Ms. Alysha Grosse

Ms. Megan Laudenschlager

Contact Information: Dr. Lori Garnes,